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Book Marketing


Anatomy of an Amazon Best-Seller Launch

I personally purchased my friend Marnie Pehrson’s course on how to catapult your book to #1 on Amazon, and it works! Many of my clients have used the methods in this affordable course to get their books to #1 – and some have stayed in the top 100 best sellers on Amazon! Even better, this strategy can be used over and over again with the same or multiple books. If you’re planning an official “book launch” party, use this technique and take advantage of the visibility will offer you as one of its “best sellers.”

Market My Book!

Yes, I’m tooting my own horn with this one. As far as I know, my course, Market My Book! is the only one that will teach you  how to create a 4-month book marketing plan in less than an hour. Get your plan underway and see your book sales rise!


eBook Formatting & Distribution


Kinstant Formatter

It’s becoming more well known that poorly formatted Kindle books will cause credibility-damaging negative reviews on Amazon that can pretty much stop your Kindle book success before it even starts. I personally use this web-based formatting tool for eBooks I only plan to distribute on Kindle. It’s fantastic for basic conversion from MS Word to MOBI (Kindle) format. If your eBook has bullets, graphics, footnotes/endnotes or other more “fancy” formatting, you will still need a professional eBook programmer to make sure it reads clean on Kindle. But for your basic conversions for novels or small non-fiction books, this formatter will work like a charm! For a more in-depth training than even Kinstant’s own developer, see my course Self-Publish On Demand.

Calibre eBook Converter

Calibre is a free eBook converter that creates both MOBI for Kindle and EPUB formats. It is great for more complex eBook layouts that include bullets and graphics, and for those that know XHTML code. It will also give you the EPUB format all e-readers except Kindle require. For a detailed training on how to use Calibre to convert your eBook files, see my in-depth course Self-Publish On Demand.

BookBaby is the leader in eBook distribution. They offer other services like eBook file conversion and print books, but their eBook file conversion lacks quality control and their print books require a minimum order. However, their eBook distribution service is outstanding. Almost all of my clients’ books and some of my own are listed with BookBaby!