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Book Writing Courses


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Book Publishing Courses


My newest course, Self-Publish On Demand is packed full of 4 Modules of training on everything from how to format and set up your own eBooks to how to self-edit your manuscript, find a good ghostwriter or editor to how to make your cover design sell to how to create a basic cover to how to set up all your book’s registrations including ISBN, LCCN, printer accounts, Bowkerlink, Copyright and more. Whew! Get your membership to Self-Publish On Demand and begin the path to book publishing success today!


Book Marketing Courses


Anatomy of an Amazon Best-Seller Launch

I personally purchased my friend Marnie Pehrson’s course on how to catapult your book to #1 on Amazon, and it works! Many of my clients have used the methods in this affordable course to get their books to #1 – and some have stayed in the top 100 best sellers on Amazon! Even better, this strategy can be used over and over again with the same or multiple books. If you’re planning an official “book launch” party, use this technique and take advantage of the visibility will offer you as one of its “best sellers.”

Market My Book!

Yes, I’m tooting my own horn with this one. As far as I know, my course, Market My Book! is the only one that will teach you  how to create a 4-month book marketing plan in less than an hour. Get your plan underway and see your book sales rise!


Business Courses


IM Success Library by Bob The Teacher Jenkins

I’ve been coaching with Bob for a few years now and credit his teaching highly with my business growth. If you want to know how to do things yourself like operate your website’s Cpanel, run and promote teleseminars, make money selling other people’s affiliate products, and more, Bob Jenkins’ IM Success Library is the one-stop-shop for you!

Tweak It & Profit! with PR expert Shannon Cherry

Just one “tweak” can save you hundreds of dollars and be well worth the low investment of this membership! I’m personally a member of Shannon Cherry’s Tweak It & Profit! system and I regularly use the ideas she gives to save tons of money in my business. Not ready to make an investment? Click here to get Shannon’s free Be Heard Marketing Package!

NAMS Workshop & Membership Site

The NAMS workshop is one of the best business marketing workshops I’ve ever attended. In 2012 I was added to the faculty at NAMS and joined the ranks of excellent instructors like founder David Perdew, Bob Jenkins, Felicia Slattery, Paul Evans, Tony Laidig and more. There are dozens of instructors and multiple “tracks” of workshops, a sure way to get the information you need right where you’re at. Don’t want to wait for the next NAMS live workshop? Click here to join the MyNAMS membership community and get instant access to the NAMS instructors, webinars, forums and tons more!

Signature Speech Solution

Felicia Slattery was my speaking coach before she became one of my closest friends, and she’s the brilliant mastermind behind the original “Signature Speech.” Get your “Top 5 Steps to Create Your Signature Speech” by Felicia today!